Our advantages

If your doubts are turned in the plane: Portrait of a conventional painter or portrait, created using digital graphics, we have arguments.

Here they are:


With us, the desired result can be achieved for less money.


Our portrait collage you get in a shorter period.


No one needs to look for free time for long pose.


You can provide a surprise, if you can get multiple files with digital photos.


Prior to the printing of the portrait, collage, cartoon image can be repeatedly corrected, communicating with our expert by email or calling.


You‘ll know exactly which image donate, because we are together with you come up with it.


You will become the owner and digital cartoon images, collage, portrait, that will give you the ability to print multiple copies of different sizes.


Our images created by the hands of experienced professionals, Stylized under painting, coated textured composition, framed with taste – it is worth a modern solution for all those wishing to purchase a unique portrait, collage, caricature!



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