Collages. Portraits. Caricatures.

Here you can find out how we help create a portrait, collage, cartoon.


The image comes on your photos, and acquires the final form in a digital format.

Creating a portrait, collage, caricature carried out in accordance with your wishes at all stages

Can get a picture as a digital form, and in the ready, in an appropriate setting.

Dates: an image in digital form – 1-4 days; ready picture – 5-8 days.

Printing on canvas or paper.

Framing portrait, cartoon carry a baguette, a suitable style of painting.

Delivery of the finished portrait, cartoon, collage in Ukrainian cities Odessa organize any Lutsk.

Creating a good portrait, cartoon, collage – a laborious and creative work.

Learn more about the manufacturing details portrait, collage, cartoon, as well as other services, you can by following links or on the following pages.


The advantages of our portraits, collages, cartoons! 

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